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A Quickie

I’ve gotten the third episode of my podcast loaded up, so please give it a listen and let me know what you think. Also, my new microphone has arrived. This will help the sound quality. You can find The Prometheus Project Podcast on Spotify, GooglePlay, and iTunes. Oh, and on PodBean.

The short story collection is coming along. I’ve gotten it laid out, edited, and the cover is almost finished. I’m basically doing it all myself. Why? Because I like to punish myself with frustration.

Not really.

Two reasons: First, I don’t want to spend money I don’t have just to have someone create a cover for me, or lay the book out for me, or edit the book for me. This collection is a labor of love and I want to do as much of it myself as I can. The only thing I haven’t done myself on this project is take the photograph that I’m using for the cover. It’s a creative commons image that I’m manipulating (and will give credit to the original photographer). Everything else is all me. I’ll take all the credit…and all the complaints.

Second, I’m seeing this as another way to explore my creativity. Building this book from scratch is an interesting experience. I’m learning a lot, getting frustrated, and also finding reward. I mean, when I first began building this thing I was overwhelmed by all the bits and pieces, the various requirements, and the fact that I had no idea what I was doing.

After a few weeks, I feel confident. I think this is going to turn out well. Will anyone buy it or read it? I imagine a few of my friends will pick up a copy. Maybe a few coworkers at the office. But I’m not publishing with an expectation to be famous or rich. I just want to say I’ve achieved the goal of publishing a book of fiction (I already have my name on a non-fiction book). And it’ll be all me. If other people buy it and read it, and maybe even enjoy it, I’ll be thrilled. But no, I’m not expecting much to happen.

Does that make me pessimistic, or pragmatic?

This is a labor of love. And maybe an exercise in self-indulgence. It’s almost finished.


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