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Book Review – Buddhism Without Beliefs [Books]

I've been a follower of Buddhist philosophy for over twenty-five years. Not the religious aspect of it. I can do without that. But the philosophy behind it, the way to look at life, at the people around me, my perception of my world, that all appeals to me. And although I'm far from perfect, I… Continue reading Book Review – Buddhism Without Beliefs [Books]

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A Little Motivation [Creativity]

"Commitment to the most worthy purpose is of little value if we lack confidence in our ability to realize it." - Stephen Batchelor, Buddhism Without Beliefs I've been reading the aforementioned book the past few days, and this line stuck out to me. I read it several times because it resonated and made me think… Continue reading A Little Motivation [Creativity]

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A New Podcast Episode – Acting

I've always been fascinating with acting. It's not just people playing make-believe, it takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and commitment. Listen in as I talk about this amazing, and oftentimes under-appreciated, art form. The podcast is available at iTunes, GooglePlay, Spotify, Amazon, and PodBean. If you prefer, I also have a YouTube channel. Or… Continue reading A New Podcast Episode – Acting