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Very Nice!

A fellow writer and chef has posted an interview with me on her website. It's wonderful when artists and writers support one another. Check out the interview here... Nosh with Chef Julie  

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Flawed Heroes

I'm not a fan of perfection. To me, it's boring. Perfection means never making mistakes, always making the right decision, knowing the answers, always having an elegant solution. I've read a fair-share of stories that had these seemingly perfect characters and I usually find them boring and repetitive. I can give you a good example.… Continue reading Flawed Heroes

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Of all the skills a good writer needs in order to write well, I think one of the most important is empathy. It doesn't matter if you have excellent grammar, seamless plotting, or snappy dialogue. If you don't have empathy for your characters, both the heroes and villains, then the story is going to show… Continue reading Empathy