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Music Moment – Little Boy Blues [Music]

For this Music Moment, I thought I’d share an instrumental song that’s always been a favorite of mine. Well, at least since high school.

The song, “Little Boy Blues”, was written and performed by the Canadian rock trio, Triumph. It was the final song on their 1984 album, Thunder Seven.

The band played an interesting mash-up of genres. Songs on their albums often fell into several categories, from heavy rock to blues to progressive. That’s one of the main reasons I liked them, they weren’t too easy to pin down and were constantly doing something different.

This song was written by all three members of the band and is an amazing composition that takes the listener on an emotional rollercoaster. It’s also an excellent example of the power of music. Three instruments – guitar, bass, drums – coming together to hit you emotionally.

Which, to me, is amazing. It’s one thing to have great music and lyrics take you on a journey, but for the music itself to have that much power…well, that’s art and creativity at its finest.

The reason I like the song so much is because of how it manipulates me and triggers an emotional response. It starts slow, builds up, then ebbs again. It’s like hearing the ocean waves while sitting on a quiet beach.

After listening to this, I always feel melancholy. Not sad, but I have this feeling of bittersweetness. Like thinking about someone you cared for and haven’t seen in a long time.

And yes, the guitar work by Rik Emmett is amazing. He’s arguably one of the finest guitarists of the modern era. Unfortunately, he isn’t incredibly well-known. However, if you like this song, check out some of his solo work.

So without further ado, here’s “Little Boy Blues”. I hope you enjoy it and that it sparks good feelings and a little inspiration.

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