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Mushroom Update [Gardening]

A few weeks back I posted about the mushroom grow kit I picked up from NorthSpore. Blue oyster mushrooms, to be exact.

The instructions that came with the kit said the spores should start to do their thing in about two weeks. Lo and behold, thirteen days later…mushrooms! Mushroom pins

Well, not full-grown mushrooms, but they started to sprout (if that’s the right word in regards to fungi). The amazing thing is that, once they did, they began to grow quickly.

In three days they went from these tiny little bulbs to almost full-grown. And they’re beautiful, as well.

Blue oyster mushrooms growingSo, yeah, I’m hooked. I’ve picked up a couple more of these grow boxes. This time, from a different vendor. I’m interested to see what the difference is between the various options. Plus, it’s good practice for when I decide to try growing them on my own.

The thing is, mushrooms seem to be easy to grown. You just need a medium, some spores, low light, and moisture. I know that I can walk around my back yard on any given day and see mushrooms growing in various spots – under bushes, on tree trunks, even in the middle of the yard.

It’ll be interesting to see if I can pull it off. I have a compost bin that I dump all my kitchen scraps into, along with brown paper and other bits and pieces. It’s fairly thick and moist and smells like…well, compost. Earthy and loamy. Might be a good medium for my first solo attempt.

Until then, I’ll be satisfied with my practice runs. Me with my mushrooms

If you get a chance, give it a try yourself. Mushrooms are healthy, pretty to look at, and growing your own will amaze your friends and family!


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