Post-Halloween Blues

It happens every year. There’s this big build up to Halloween throughout the month of October. People are planning their costumes, promoting their scary stories, talking about all the great horror films and shows to watch, and it builds to this crescendo on the thirty-first…

Then it’s over. Sure, we get one more day of creepy fun with Dia de los Meurtos, but after that the horrific fun simply disappears. Poof. Like a ghost in the wind.

Sure, there are a couple more big holidays just around the corner (here in the US we have Thanksgiving towards the end of November, then Christmas), but to me, it’s sort of a let down. Thanksgiving, despite the food overdose, is really bland. Pilgrims are seriously underwhelming.

To me, if feels like the entire month of October is wonderful with all the costumes and creativity. It’s fun, silly, creepy, and gives adults the opportunity to behave like kids for a night. We all need that every once in a while.

But now it’s done. The spooks are back in their graves, the vampires in their coffins, the witches back to their covens. And we have to wait another year for them to return.

At least I have my buddy, Fred, to keep me company.

Rik and Skull
The resemblance is uncanny.


3 thoughts on “Post-Halloween Blues

    1. Yeah, we’re special in some good ways, and special in some not good ways at the moment.

      Cheers, Sheree!

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