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New Podcast Episode – The Monetization of Art

We all dream of making money off our art, but how realistic is that dream? In this episode, I talk about how the monetization of art has changed over the centuries and what modern artists can – and should – expect from the market.

The podcast is available at iTunes, GooglePlay, Spotify, Amazon, and PodBean. If you prefer, I also have a YouTube channel.

Or you can listen to it right here:

2 thoughts on “New Podcast Episode – The Monetization of Art

  1. A minor pet peeve of mine actually, since California (esp the SF Bay Area) is overflowing with people who literally throw paint at a canvas, consider it art and wonder why they’re not living in the most expensive areas of the state and flying everywhere on a private jet.

    Suffice it to say that my opinion is that art (in any form) is the same as any other good or service; the market determines it’s worth. There *SHOULD* be an expectation that content or creations won’t be stolen or pirated also. Good luck with that nowadays though.

    1. Agreed. It always comes down to the market…that’s why some art hangs in a gallery and some hangs on the wall of a Holiday Inn. Art is a weird commodity because it’s subjective. It’s not like soap or a car or a piece of electronics, things we need to have for whatever reason. Art adds to our lives, but in different ways for different people.

      It’ll be interesting to see how the art world evolves over the next decade and how we – the creators – respond to it.

      Thanks for your insight!

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