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Richard’s Kitchen – Hot Wings

Hot wings are easy to put together and give you an opportunity to be creative every time you make them. You can change up the seasonings, the sweetener, and the sauce depending on what you’re in the mood for or what you have available in your pantry. Check out the recipe below…


4 thoughts on “Richard’s Kitchen – Hot Wings

  1. Your camera / speaking presence is definitely improving with each episode. 🙂

    Maybe we’ll have to sign you up for Next Food Network Star, lol.

    1. Lol! You know, I think it would be fun as long as they let show me screwing up and making mistakes. People would probably respond well to seeing a real person in the kitchen.Oh, and they’d have to let me have my wine, too!

      Thanks for the feedback!

        1. I like it! Me dropping stuff, burning myself, tripping over my dogs (who think they’re sous chefs), and generally mucking things up.

          So…a normal day! 🙂

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