May 25

Richard’s Kitchen – Stocks and Broths

The first episode of my cooking show, Richard’s Kitchen, is officially live. Please give it a view and let me know what you think.

I know, I’m going to probably regret that.

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  1. By 4 Dollars on

    Enjoyed watching your show, I even laughed a few times 😁. Looking forward to the next episode ☺️👨🏼‍🍳 Take care

  2. By Silk Cords on

    Overall, it looks like a good start. You maintained eye contact with the camera for the large majority of the time, didn’t uhmm and ahhh, knew your subject matter, used gestures, and looked relatively at ease… All the kinds of things my public speaking teacher would look for.

    Taking it beyond the basics… Here’s some of the advice I remember from the critiques on various seasons of Next Food Network Star: Showcase the food a little more and cook while you talk. In the case of the broth, maybe chop veggies before they hit the pot, then mention you can use previously prepped or frozen stuff.

    It’s an oddity of cooking shows that people like to watch cooking more than actually cook. That probably explains the rise of fake game shows and decline of how-to shows on the Food Network and Cooking Channel. Fresh stuff gives your audience warm fuzzy feelings too. 😀

    Beyond that, personal stories that relate to the meal are loved by the audience too. Great aunt Jenny used to make this every time we came over, etc…

    That’s the advice that made sense on the show. All stuff to make the viewers feel a connection to you and the food and give them nostalgic feelings over home made meals. I’m sure those same jokers would also say your kitchen isn’t fancy enough, blah blah blah. That’s authenticity though. I’d say it helps more than hurts because you can show people that they don’t need a fancy kitchen to cook well.

    1. By RB (Post author) on

      Thanks for the feedback…much appreciated.

      As always, I thought of a dozen different things I could have added or done differently after the fact. But it’s a work in progress and something fun that’ll keep me out of trouble when I’m not writing.

      Hope you continue to watch. Cheers!


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