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An Amazing Gift

I recently received such a thoughtful and amazing gift that I had to share. An artist who listens to one of my podcasts was inspired by the episode I did on poetry. So much so that she asked people on Twitter to submit haiku so she could pick one or two and create an image inspired by the poetry.

I was flattered to find out that she picked my submission:

Salt spray on my face
Ocean breeze tussles my hair
I breathe deep and smile

She then sent me the painting she created.

Me holding a painting

It’s absolutely beautiful, and I have to admit, I was touched by her kindness and generosity. It means a lot to me to know that two people that live thousands of miles away from each other can still connect through art and creativity, can inspire and motivate one another, and can share a smile.

My thanks to Sunny for her gift. Please check out her Tumblr page for more of her artwork. She’s incredibly talented and deserves more recognition.


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