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Everything is Green

I think Spring is my favorite season. Not that the other seasons aren’t nice (except maybe Winter…not a fan of the cold), but there’s something about his time of year that makes me feel almost giddy. I’m happy, I feel this restless energy coursing through my veins, and I want to spend all my time outside.

First, I like the cool nights and warm days. The coolness is great for sleeping, and it’s not that extreme cold of winter that gets into my bones and stays there for months. It’s a nice, easy coolness that requires open windows at night. And the days are warm but not ridiculously so, like it gets in August. Just perfect temps.

Second, everything is green. With Fall I can also enjoy the warm day/cool night experience, but that is also when everything begins to turn brown and yellow and die off. Sure, there are some pretty landscapes with the leaves changing color, but it’s fleeting.

In Spring, however, all that brown turns a vibrant green, even more so after a good rain. The grass, the tree leaves, the bushes, all coming back to life. And I don’t want to forget to mention the flowers. I think that beats the colored leaves in the Fall. Flowers of every shape and size and color popping up in yards and parks and highlighting the sides of the roads and sidewalks. It warms my heart.

Plus, the arrival of Spring means that Winter has packed it in for a while. No icy cold winds, so chill in my bones, and no bundling up in twenty-seven layers of clothes. I’d much rather wear some shorts and a t-shirt, or if I’m out on the Gulf of Mexico, just my swim trunks. I love that salt air and the warmth of the sun seeping into my pores.

I know, everyone has their favorite season. Some prefer cold, some prefer hot, but I like the in-between. Spring is a season of change, a season of rebirth, of coming back to life, of waking up from hibernation. It’s a season that inspires my creativity more than any other time of year.

Do the seasons touch you this way, too?


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