April 29

Fond Memory

I was recently going through the piles of stuff on my bookshelves – spiral notebooks, magazines, actual books – and found a copy of Space & Time magazine from 2015. This was the issue that included my short story, “Sunwalker”.

As with all publications, I was proud to see my name in the table of contents and the story, in all its glory, flowing over several pages. Looking over it again brought back those feelings.

One of the things I had forgotten was that this was the first story of mine that had an accompanying illustration. I didn’t know the editor was going to do this, so it was an incredible surprise for me. The illustrator, Alan Bech, did a fantastic job and the illustration was a perfect fit.

astronaut illustration
“Sunwalker” illustration by Alan F. Beck.

I think there’s a unique bond between illustrators and writers. We compliment each other’s work. I know I’d like to see more illustrations and images sharing the page with the written word. It just feels right to me.

What do you think?


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