Making Time

Time...there's never enough of it. There's never enough time during the day. We have jobs, obligations, responsibilities. We have to get up, get ready, get to the job. We have to eat, sleep, social activities. We have families, kids, people who depend on us. Weekends are tied up with chores, other obligations (taking the kids… Continue reading Making Time


The Prometheus Project Podcast, Ep 13, is live!

In this episode I talk about brainstorming and offer several suggestions of way to generate creative ideas. You can find the podcast at iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, and PodBean. Also, I highly recommend Languageisavirus.com if you're looking for a creativity jump start. I've been visiting this site for years. It's free, it's creative, and it's… Continue reading The Prometheus Project Podcast, Ep 13, is live!