Post-Dorian Thoughts

I’ve lived in Florida for most of my life, and I’ve been lucky enough to survive twelve or so hurricanes. Some were much worse than others. Hurricane Micheal, for example, blew through the panhandle last year and there is still debris and damage to contend with. Dorian was one of those storms, much like Michael, that wasn’t doing what the forecasters thought it should do. When the folks with the big brains say they aren’t sure how strong the storm is going to get or where it’s going to end up, well, that’s scary.

I have family all across the state, so the last week was tense as everyone waited to see what was going to happen. Unfortunately, the Bahamas bore the brunt of it (and if you’re able, please contribute to a legitimate charity to help the people on the islands recover and rebuild).

I’m a storm-watcher during hurricane season. After some of my previous storm experiences, I err on the side of caution. I follow the National Hurricane Center, I follow the Tropical Weather sub-Reddit, I get as much information as I can from reliable sources. Call me crazy…but you might be right.

The season appears to be kicking into high gear now. But instead of bottling up all that worry, I’m going to focus that energy into creative projects. You know, express my nervousness, my fear, my worry into something creative, something productive. I think that’s a positive outlet.

If you live in Florida, or anywhere along the US East Coast or Gulf Coast, I hope you and your loved ones stay safe. And if you’re feeling any apprehension about this busy hurricane season, try to channel it into something positive.



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