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14 Day Challenge

An artist friend of mine recently convinced me to participate in a 14-day creative challenge. The basic premise is that she will pick a random word from a jar each day, and she and I each have to create something based on that word.

Seeing how she is an artist and I’m a writer, the results should be interesting. We’re curious is any of our output matches up, or if we go down completely different paths. Working in different mediums will make it more difficult for our visions to meet up, but we’ll see what happens. I think there’s a chance we’ll hit a similar wavelength at least a few times.

And to make things even more interesting, we’ll work in whatever format avails itself. For example, I might write a poem, or flash fiction, or a short story. She may sketch something, or paint it, or mold something out of clay. Who knows? It all comes down to the word of the day and what it triggers in our imaginations.

We’re going to wait until the end before we compare our output. I’ll see what I can share when once we’ve finished.

Should be interesting, to say the least.


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