About Me

I’ve been writing for just about as long as I can remember. When I was six or seven years old I started a neighborhood newspaper. It only lasted one issue (after I realized I would have to create each copy by hand), but I still counted it as a success.

I discovered poetry in my preteens, mostly from song lyrics. The first book of poems I owned was Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein. The combination of art and words captured my imagination.

As I got older I began trying my hand at short fiction. Over the years I’ve had a handful of stories published in both small and large circulation magazines, as well as in a couple of anthologies.

In between I worked as a copywriter and a freelancer. I’ve written on topics ranging from insurance and health care benefits to profiles of local businesses and persons with disabilities. I’ve also designed, written, and provided narration for e-learning courses and training modules.

Now I dabble in a variety of creative endeavors. My first love, however, is fiction and I continue to work on stories. I also like to create music (guitar and keyboards), draw, take photos, and cook. Yeah, I do all the cooking at home. I find it relaxing and an interesting way to be creative…not just with ingredients, but also with presentation. I’ll share some of that on this site, too.

Thanks for stopping by.